Illuminati NWO False Flag Event 4/15/2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

Illuminati NWO False Flag Event 4/15/2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

Date 4/15/2013

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible “terrorist attack”. The “Boston Marathon Explosions” happened at about 2:45 p.m at the finish line where all the internal flags were located. There are preliminary reports that this marathon was dedicated to the “victims of Sandy Hook” and that they were seated in the VIP section where bombs went off. Google “Newtown Families Reportedly Seated Near Boston Marathon Explosions”

Boston Marathon Bombing

Will the Boston Marathon Bombing a Illuminati NWO False Flag Event Going to be Blamed on Right-Wing Extremist?

The administrators of this network discussed how this would be blamed on “RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST” due to the fact that April 15 is “Tax Day” and “PATRIOTS DAY”.  And breaking as I write this CNN National Security Analyst Warns Of ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Behind Boston Bombings..SHOCKER..

An American tragedy and possible “False Flag” terror event to further condition the American sheeple to give up more liberties in exchange for an exciting new “Police State”.

Boston False Flag

Was the Boston Marathon Bombing a Illuminati NWO False Flag Event to Distract from Financial Markets?

The “Stock Market” and “Gold” have started a big leg down and both had triple digit losses today, the first time in history. Today is no doubt an historical day from both a financial market and tragic loss of life story. Over 3% of markets were wiped out equating to several billion of household wealth. We’re now hearing “Boston Marathon Bombing Happened On Same Day As ‘Controlled Explosion’ Drill By Boston Bomb Squad” as the facts come we’ll be updating our Facebook page so make sure you look us up NWO TRUTH RADIO! More on the “False Flag Boston” “Boston False Flag” Boston Marathon False Flag” & “False Flag Event”

Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

The authorities do no have any real suspects but have taken a young Saudi in for questioning. We will continue to update the resources on this page as they become available. Our questioning of the truth is in no way meant to take away from the tragic loss of life and we at NWO Truth Radio asks Americans stand up and  demand the truth! If we allow ourselves to be continually attacked and manipulated we have no one to blame but ourselves.

According to Natural News, It’s now becoming clear that members of the Boston bomb squad had advance notice of the horrific bombing that took place at the marathon today. As an eyewitness reports, once the bombs went off, officials began announcing, “this is just a drill!” This logically means they were all informed of the “bomb drill” beforehand. Otherwise, why would they respond with, “this is just a drill” ?

Historical dates and celebrating death is an important part of the Illuminati occult belief system. On April 15th 1989 96 people died and 766 were injured in the Hillsborough disaster, one of the largest most tragic events in sporting events. It is also interesting to note the recent 20012 finding as the date is 1 day after 9/11. These facts are also interesting to note because the main cause of the 1989 tragedy was “lack of police control”, which, in NWO Illuminati Globalist speak equals “The need for a total police state”.

On 12 September 2012, the Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that no Liverpool fans were responsible in any way for the disaster, and that its main cause was a “lack of police control” and crowd safety was “compromised at every level” and overcrowding issues had been recorded two years earlier.

We also saw a recent Family Guy episode that portrays Peter Griffin winning the marathon by running over runners in his car, converting to Islam and detonating a bomb when asked how he “won the marathon”.  Watch this clip Family Guy Boston Bombing.


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