NWO Truth Radio

The radio shows provided by NWO Truth Radio provides an alternative to the normal every day generic garbage you see and hear on mainstream media.   The provocative and raw format is meant to entertain, and mainly inform the audience of ideas and information that is usually not discussed.  At the moment we are experimenting with different formats such as live youtube.com broadcasts, but most of the shows are, and have been broadcast through blogtalkradio.com

Breaking The Oath Breakers

Breaking The Oathbreakers on NWO Truth Radio. America is being run by an Agenda. A powerful ideology that attempts to diminish the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Listen in, or join in our discussion about how the Oathbreakers champion their tyranny with blatant disregard for what America is and for what she stands. Join us. Call in and speak your mind with show hosts Paul Rogers III and Ted Jotte, and our show coordinator Dennis Ford. Tune in every Wednesday night at 10:P.M Eastern.

5/28/14 Show

NWO Truth Radio

NWO  Truth Radio is an alternative media outlook. We’ll be working hard each week to bring you the latest commentary and news on the New World Order and Illuminati! We have several individual contributors looking to share their message and solutions to fighting the New World Order

nwo Archived Show = nWo’s Impending Revelation Radio “The Masonic Bible”

Tonight I will be speaking on the Masonic Bible. All the hidden knowledge of Solomon’s temple being constructed, The symbolism in it, and more. The plan is to tackle as many issues as possible in the time allotted. I hope you will join us right here on NWO Truth Radio. And bring all your friends, Stay vigilant, stay informed, and remember that we are the New World Order!


Big Murf DELETES Facebook To Not Contribute To One World Government Agenda

Yesterday Big Murf aka Ian Murphy decided to quit using facebook.  He had a vision of the future and realized he was helping the one world government more than fighting it.  Facebook is very good at hiding the fact that it is possible to delete your account and not just disable your account.  Before leaving Ian downloaded all his “friends” email addresses.  That is one reason people stay on facebook is they do not want to lose contacts.  Big Murf found an easy solution to that.  Out of 793 people he downloaded 748 of those email addresses.  If you were friends with him then expect a mass promotional email from him promoting his new website coming soon.  Big Murf said that his next step is to un-google himself and then un-android himself.  Good luck Big Murf.


Truth Music Link Now Updated!

There is now an awesome collection of truth music in the Truth Music tab.  I hadn’t heard of most these artists but I was amazed of the talent and great tunes.  I am glad I got to put this together so I hope you enjoy it as well.  Keep checking back in with the website because we have big things planned.  Who needs facebook?